Borromean islands

Isola Bella is the most majestic of the three islands and enchants the visitor with the Borromeo Palace and the spectacular Italian-style garden, in Baroque style.
Isola Madre, with its historic English botanical garden, is a favorite destination for those who love nature and is very popular with families with children, who can also admire the peacocks, parrots and pheasants that populate it freely. Incredible is the flowering of azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias in the different seasons and the botanical collections from all over the world.
Finally, we come to the smallest of the islands, the only one that is permanently inhabited, Isola Superiore or Isola Pescatori.
It is without doubt the most characteristic and evocative of the three islands and is the perfect place in which to while away an afternoon, meandering through the alleys of the small town and browsing in the traditional shops. When the evening comes, you can enjoy a cool aperitif in one of the many bars, or stop for dinner and then return to the mainland on one of the private boats run by the local

For further information about the islands, visit the official website. To check the boat times, please refer to Public Service Ferries for Lake Maggiore