The history continues in the cellars

Il Chiostro Hotel has a centuries-old history full of charm and significance. In the most ancient part of the location a place has stayed quite the same during the centuries: the ancient cellars. Only entering this place you can feel the scent of ancient times and tradition, a unique mix that reminds the past. Usually these rooms are used for aperitifs, refreshments, buffets and degustations of local products like regional wines, cold cuts and cheeses from the Ossola Valley and other typical products from the territory.

Degustations and events

The experience we propose id the tasting of three wines together with three cheeses and three salami from our region, all explained in your mother tongue, so taht you can fully understand the products of our territory and know what you buy.


In a calm and relaxing atmosphere, in the three large restaurant rooms, classical and regional recipes offer to our guests diverse menus and delicious specialities.