Sant’Agostino room


Sala Sant'Agostino features:

Dimensions: 3.5×6 m
Standard facilities: Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi
Capacity: maximum 16 people
Video equipment: TV in room – video projector available on request
Natural light: no
Audio equipment: no
Other arrangements: flip charts, ideal for coffee breaks


The room communicates with the nearby Monastero room and, although small in size, is embellished with pleasant engravings on the walls and a terracotta Deposition by the sculptor Dante Poppi, of which we have other works in both terracotta and watercolor.


Services available

Il Chiostro hotel offers a simultaneous interpreting service, available on request, for international meetings and conferences. Il Chiostro hotel has some charming spaces, such as the veranda, the inner garden and the old cellars, in which to enjoy refreshments and buffet lunches served during breaks in meetings.