The history

The centuries-old history of “Il Chiostro” began in sixteenth century, when the S. Anthony Monastery was built.

It was ruled by a small community of Augustinian nuns and it turned out to be a fundamental part of the city life for over three centuries. In 1807 the ownership of both buildings and related land goes to the Müller-Sutermeister family, that converted it to the first mechanical textile industry in Northern Italy.

By the end of the XIXth century, with the decrease of productivity, a new phase begins: a part of the premises is converted to accommodate a student hall of residence for the nearby Technical Institute “Lorenzo Cobianchi”. This is how the “Famiglia Studenti” was born.

Il Chiostro returns to be a melting pot of life, faith, culture and education. By the end of the last century the last change takes place and the ancient monastery evolves again, opening to tourism. After five centuries, Il Chiostro has now become a site for meditation and holidays, a quiet refuge for those who choose to spend some time here

The chapel inside Il Chiostro
Detail of the forniture
The Disputation of the Sacrament
Il Chiostro by night
Il Chiostro interior gardens
Art at Il Chiostro